IT/CAD&EDA Cloud Computing Service
Cloud Computing Service
MooreElite converge semiconductor IT/CAD profession and build a leading EDA clouding computer team. It provides customer with integrated IT/CAD consuluting, implementation and maintenance service. Our customer can manage its IC design process more effectively through such advanced and secure infrastructure and system platform.
Service List
Consulting Service
  • Semiconductor IT Stratage Consulting
  • Data Center/EDA Center Infrastructure
  • All-in-one Cloud service
  • Security Solution
  • CAD management consulting
Integrated Delivery
  • hardware procurement
  • IDC hosting service
  • Server room construction
  • EDA design platform implementation
  • IT infrastructure integration
  • CAD optimization service
  • EDA environment cloud migration
  • Network & Security
  • R&D System
  • CAD Service
  • Support center
  • Network & Security
  • R&D System
  • CAD Service
  • Support center
Deep insights
  • Deep insights into semiconductor industry
  • A team of IT&CAD experts from semiconductor companies
  • Rich experience in data security management
Recogonized ability
  • Many successful cases in the semiconductor industry
  • Release EDA Cloud White Paper
  • Comprehensive partner ecosystem
Secure infrastructure
  • Three-layer isolation methodology
  • Private cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud solution
  • Chip development security system
Pooling technology
  • HPC high-performance computing pool and flexible computing power solution
  • Virtualization platform
  • Central storage pool
EDA development and design platform
  • Design process management
  • Design environmental management
  • Design data management
  • Design tool management
  • GPU graphics acceleration scheme
Successful Cases
Case 1
One of a leading fabless companies in China with billions annual revenue, it is an integrated solution provider for applications based on IC design and software development, offering industry-leading software and hardware semiconductor solutions for smart devices, IoT applications, and automotive electronics. Its biometric authentication chip is widely applied to Android devices in the global market.
In the case of its acquisition with a worldwide famous company, MooreElite sent its IT/CAD team to to help their design platform migrated sucessfully and smoothly, supporting the separation and integration of IC deisgn teams.
Case 2
A well-known fabless start-up focusing on GPU chips grows up quickly, and its employees increased to 350 in 2 years since its establishment. In the process of the customer’s growing-up, MooreElite’s IT/CAD team keeps tightly cooperation with them. To provide customer with comprehensive EDA environment planning and maintain services, MooreElite deployed an advanced private cloud security architecture, realized multi-site interconnection and ensured data security at all links, and formulated corresponding recommendations and standardized management systems. MooreElite participate and support the final test before tape-out throughout the entire process to ensure successful sign-off. The job scheduling system is customized and optimized, and large-scale computing clusters are efficiently managed, so that such a large-scale chip design can be taped out on time with limited resources.
Case 3
As one of the top design houses in China,the customer was provided the professional consulting service of migrating the EDA environment to the public cloud by MooreElite. By analyzing the full design flow, back-end process, and STA process comprehensively, MooreElite offered the hybrid cloud architecture scheme and the roadmap of extending the local computing cluster with more than 2000 nodes to the public cloud.
Case 4
An IC design and research institute belongs to a big state-owned enterprise, which deployed the design platform provided by MooreElite IT/CAD team in 2020. It provides secure EDA architecture services and IT/CAD operation and maintenance services, and supports efficient and collaborationacross multiple sites for communication chip R&D.